Web Hosting

There are many providers of web hosting out there but in my opinion (Steve T) the best bet is to get a provider that also supplies "Cpanel". This is a piece of software that allows you to manage key parts of your webspace including the creation of email accounts. You can try a live demo of Cpanel here. Some hosts also include Fantastico and this is also desirable as it allows one click install of various free website software. More info on Fantastico here.

Again personal opinion but these guys come out top. Their "Hatchling" account starts at £2.50 a month and will allow you to create your site on your domain e.g. www.mysite.com and then other sites as forward slashes e.g. www.mysite.com/anothersite and www.mysite.com/yetanothersite etc. Their "Baby" account starts at £4 per month and this will allow you to create multiple sites all with their own domain (no forward slash). Each account gets a Cpanel complete with Fantastico plus their own one click installer called Quickinstall. Quickinstall has the advantage of offering an auto update function for software you install which is useful as


Accounts start at £2.12 per month and they do have a one-click-install.

Their accounts start at £2.50 per month. They do not offer an kind of one click install so your looking at the old school FTP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. If you understand those terms then you're someone who could probably use this space.


In order to be open and fair here are some other web hosting services providing Cpanel support. I have not tried these ones. There are some others I've used that are awful but I can't really list them here. Contact me direct for more info.